Google Cloud Run + Cloudflare SSL issues

Google Cloud Run + Cloudflare SSL issues

I've been using Google Cloud Run (GCR) for quite a while now and Cloudflare even longer. Every now and then I have experienced SSL errors (like the one below) which end up taking the site down.

Error 525 - SSL handshake failed

For this particular use case, I use Cloudflare's CDN capabilities to cache API requests on edge servers close to users of Thereby, speeding up requests for the users and saving me money as less requests hit GCR.

GCR tries to renew the certificate but fails as Cloudflare takes over the request.

Need to see if a page rule can allow GCR to renew SSL certificate.

Error 525 with Cloudflare and Google Cloud Run
Recently my staging website going down by a 525 error. Which mean that origin server do not trust Cloudflare, but it’s been 6 months that I have not touch anything between Cloud Run and Cloudflare...
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