I find having a clean install of any operating system a lot nicer to work with. It helps remove the software you were not using, solve issues which you were having, reclaim disk space and ingrains the configuration changes you made from the last install or first time you bought the computer.

  1. Chrome and Firefox Developer Edition
  2. 1Password
  3. Amphetamine - prevents your Mac from sleeping
  4. Magnet - makes it easier to organise your windows
  5. iTerm2 + Zsh
  6. Homebrew
  7. JetBrains Toolbox, then install IntelliJ IDEA within the app
  8. VSCode + CLI shortcut
  9. SourceTree
  10. Sublime Merge
  11. Docker for Mac
  12. Slack
  13. Notion
  14. FreeFileSync
  15. Office 365
  16. Amazon Photos