Times of COVID-19

The pros and cons of this current situation

Times of COVID-19


  • No commute = more sleep (waking up without an alarm)
  • Less junk food due to places shutting down
  • Hardly had any alcohol due to bars/pub not being open and the social distancing measures (I'm a social drinker)
  • More video calling with people that matter the most
  • Started running, and can run over 10km now (still dealing with shin splints)
  • Cycling in London is way more enjoyable and safer due to less traffic and people on the streets


  • Not being able to see friends and family in person
  • Toilets being closed thereby limiting distance/time away from home when out
  • Not being able to travel the world
  • Gym being closed means missing out on strength training, gymnastics, etc that I cannot do at home

I will miss many aspects of this situation.

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